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    Turbo Heat Blanket :
- Ready made to cover turbo
- High Heat Resistance
- Nice looking
- Avaiable for passenger car and Heavy duty car
(Bus, Truck, Tralier) 

Name:   Turbo Blanket
Materials:   Glass fiber/ Titanium /Lava Fiber
Continuous temperature:   1800°F / 982°C
Max withstand temperature:   2500 °F / 1800 °C
Direct contact limit:   600 °F / 316 °C
Radiant heat limit:   1100 °F / 593 °C
Application:   T3, T4, T6, T25, T28

Titanium Turbo Blanket



Product property
         BMG Turbo Blanket withstands direct heat up to 1800 °F (982°C) and 2500 °F (1800 °C) radiant heat. Made from E Glass Fiber / Pulverized volcanic rock, strained into fiber material, BMG Turbo Blanket can retain most of the heat created by the turbine side of the turbo charger, resulting in less heat more power.
BMG Turbo Blankets are available for T3, T4, T6 & T25, T28. It provides the ultimate means of reducing turbo lag while serving as a superior heat barrier - shielding and protecting engine components.
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