Manufacturer of High Performance Silicone Turbo&Coolant Hose
        The BMG hose kits are designed to replace original equipment in a wide range of performance vehicles,both in motorsport and fast road use. Their high performance construction ensures total component reliability,even if you have modified your engine. 
Our hose kits can take far higher temperatures and higher pressures than the original parts,and won't deteriorate,no matter what you put them through.

                                 - I/d ranges from 3mm to 127mm
- Polyester reinforcement
                                 - Operative temperature -60 to 260 degree Celsius
                                 - Pressure up to 0.9 MPa
                                 - Color of your choice
                                 - Wire reinforced on request
                                 - Customized shapes and sizes

                           Racing Silicone Hose  
        Truck Silicone Hose      
                          Car Silicone Hose
     Motorcycle Silicone Hose

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