Racing Air Filter


BMG Air Filter Dimension Diagram

Picture shows standard dimension. We offer different sizes besides Standard. Please see details in each Product Code below.


BMG Air Filter Material

Easy to Maintenance. No Oil needed.  Water-clean and blow dry.

Designed with multiple layers of non-woven fabric to filter and hold dirt particles. Pleated between a galvanized screen, it exposes more surface area resulting in higher airflows than conventional paper and foam filter. 

Best airflows. Superior air straight-lining. Reduce turbulence via a specially designed mesh pattern to straighten airflow. No wear out or need replacing.  Rust-free.





 Racing Air Filter

Universal Clamp-on High Performance Filters, I.D. 77mm Special Carbon Top and Bottom, Stainless Steel and Polyester Filters.

        Hill Top Style: The top and bottom of filter are specially designed to let air flow into the filter more easily and efficiently
        This new type's Top Cap I.D. is 9.5 cm which is 2.5 cm bigger than the normal type to let more air flow into the engine.
         Open Top Style, Six Hole Style, Funneled Top Style, and Air Breather
         Also available in Rubber Base,  Stainless Steel Net,  Twist Net, and Carbon Look :
 Other Filter SPR-401AR,  Carburetor Filter, 

Motorcycle Air Filters Installation
 More enhanced  quality at competitive prices.
Special specifications are acceptable.

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